Seed Source

In Information by Stefan Cherry

Seedlings at Twigs Nursery are grown from tree seeds collected from local woods around the Ottawa area in MNR seed zone 36.  They will perform best in the same seed zone.  Seed source matters because these trees have adapted to the precise climate and conditions in their location, and are genetically matched to the area.  The seed zones reflect this reality.  Native trees from local seed have the advantage of being perfectly acclimatized to the region.

Tree seeds for Twigs are collected from mature healthy stands of trees in the Ottawa region, extracted, tested for viability, and stored.  Next, they are pre-treated for germination, and sown in spring.  After tree seeds germinate, the plants go through an establishment phase in early summer, and a rapid growth phase in mid-summer.  By fall they harden off and set bud in preparation for winter dormancy.  By the end of the first season, seedlings are about  3″ to 12″ tall, depending on the species.